Uniting ALL of Your Fixed Income Trading Needs

Through buy-side partnerships, thought leadership, innovative technology, and seamless integrations, helping you actualize a simple workflow personalized to YOUR specific art of trading.

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More Electronic Trades Lead to Greater Pricing Efficiencies
$ 895 Billion
$ 564 Billion
Traded to Buy-Side
$ 45 + Trillion
Debt Outstanding

The Strongest and Most Flexible Aggregated Trading Platform

Built by a Team Who:
Fixed Income Technology

An experienced team who pioneered electronic fixed income trading which grew to be the largest retail platform in total trades.

What Needs to Be Solved

We continually innovate smarter technology to solve current problems, introduce and provide the right tools at the right times to raise profitability and the art of trading for ALL to help you improve performance for your clients.

Current Trading Barriers

Aggregation without barriers that allows you to trade with whomever you choose with flexible personalization capabilities designed to perfect your specific art of trading. Built from the ground up, our platform can handle more offerings than any other technology firm. Aggregated with the entire market of pre-trade data.

the Efficiency of Your Workflows

Flexible APIs align your portfolio and trading processes from start to end. Seemlessly streamlining your day to day activity saving time to be better spent on high value client activity.

Your Bottom Line Growth

Cost effective technology allows you to meet and beat your client’s expectations. An option now available that was once thought unattainable. Allowing you to both retain and gain clients.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

You trade with clear visibility to leading markets for a Best Execution process. Market activity is continually monitored against other pre-trade data to alert you of fit opportunities. Post-trade reviews demonstrate positive results for your clients.

Our Mission

Matching the Art of Your Bond Trading to the Cutting Edge of Electronic Trading

Technology providing a single point of entry to ALL available sources of liquidity and aggregated pre-trade data combined with analytic tools to easily manage top portfolio priorities and act on markets to accommodate your art of trading.

Our goal is to have ALL of your available sources of liquidity:

Buy-Side Firms
Dealer Direct
Inter-Broker Dealers
ATS Platforms
Retail Investors
Our Team

Experienced Fixed Income Technology Professionals


Why True Market?

Actionable Alerts

Take advantage of market opportunities before your competitors. Alerts are prioritized and filtered by your specific preferences.

No Restrictions

ALL methods for entering into the market are available to ALL participants including Orders, Offers, Quotes, RFQs, and Bids. Orders and offers can be conditional or even hidden.

Create a More Intelligent Order Book

All protocols take advantage of smart order routing and can cross multiple participants. We have the power to handle millions of live executable markets with any of your trading partners.

Take Action

Tell us what bonds you own or want to trade and we constantly monitor the market, in real-time, to match your buy or sell interest with actionable opportunities.

Enhanced Efficiency

APIs integrated with current systems support superior workflows getting more done in less time.

Flexible Solutions

Use our UI or leverage our powerful APIs for your own UI. Our UI is available on desktop, tablet and mobile to achieve away from desk participation.

Profitable From Day One

For less, you get a system that is built from the ground up, faster and more complete than current options.

More Connections

Connect directly to dealers and ATS inventory for the maximum number of offerings. If the coverage is complete, effectively create a national best bid and offer.

One Order for Multiple Clients

Easily find bonds that will fit multiple client portfolios, allowing you to trade larger blocks for less.


Smart Technology with Flexible Pathways to Organize and Execute Your Needs

Market Liquidity & Data Aggregation

Essential fixed income pre-trade data and all available sources of liquidity are seamlessly integrated into your personalized marketplace with smart order routing. The system improves trading opportunities and analysis for the optimal best execution process.

Interest Based Matching Engine

Full integration into client portfolio system to provide real-time matching of bond holder interests. Tell the system what bonds you hold or want to trade and the system constantly monitors the market, in real-time, to match buy or sell interest with actionable opportunities.

Smarter Watch Lists

Have ideas? Want to watch market activity not solely based on portfolio Investment Policy Statement (IPS) interests? Easily set up watch lists that filter down the market while configurable alerts notify you of new opportunities.

Revolutionized R FQs

By scanning the inventory of currently held bonds and current interests, the system can intelligently route RFQs to all market participants who will provide more competitive bids. Using True Market’s proprietary optimal stopping point algorithm, the system can efficiently get your clients the best quotes for their bonds.

Scalable, Cloud-Based Architecture

Existing systems are falling behind. Technology needs to be built from the ground up for current platforms, but development, testing and customer transition costs are too high. True Market has this solved. Its patent pending cloud-based system works in micro-second speeds and is the solution to a better market.

Intuitive Mobile Platform

Patents pending for exciting technology covering market aggregation, smart order routing, and superior portfolio trading analytics.

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With the most powerful technology in fixed income, let TrueMarket maximize your returns more efficiently.

More Business

Exceed your client’s expectations by marrying True Market’s state-of-the-art technology with your art of trading.

More Assets

Workflow improvements and a superior aggregated market allow you to bring on more business with less resources.

More Done

Managing more business with less resources makes more money.

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